Loss Prevention

Eliminate Theft. Increase Safety. Secure Your Assets. Protect your bottom line by preventing illegal activity with Penn National Security. We offer an incredibly effective loss prevention model by helping you avoid company losses caused by theft, fraud, vandalism, abuse, and misconduct.

Loss Prevention Benefits

Part of the loss prevention services we offer our clients is the ability to assess threats, both internal and external. We know loss can occur in many ways, and it hurts a business every single time.

Here are some of the advantages to having a loss prevention officer integrated into your business:

Prevent Theft

Penn National has certified loss prevention specialists that work to identify areas of vulnerability using a detailed prevention audit. We’ll establish practices to help prevent both internal and external thefts from hurting your business.

Custom-Built Solutions

Loss prevention isn’t one-size-fits-all. Our loss prevention officers consult your management team, evaluate your operations and protocols, and examine the company premises for an in-depth risk assessment.

Prevention Audits

In collaboration with your management team, our trained professionals can conduct a thorough and detailed prevention audit. We identify your needs and ensure that your assets are secure.

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Shrinkage Prevention

By looking for the relevant clues and asking the right questions, our highly trained loss prevention officers can identify problem areas, thereby preventing both internal and external shrinkage in your retail business.

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Our security officers are supported through industry-leading training and an outstanding supervisory structure. We believe the success of our officers results in success for your facility, and nothing is more important than that.

People Say

Jason has given great time and attention to earning our business. I would recommend Penn National to others for their quality security service.
Matt F.
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