Mobile Patrol Security Services

Mobile patrol units are an important part of a successful security system. Not only does their presence serve as a deterrent, but the patrollers’ rapid response times ensure better protection of your facilities and assets against criminal acts.

Peace of Mind

We provide professionally trained and licensed uniformed security officers to patrol the perimeter of your property. We service a broad range of property types, including multi-tenant buildings, commercial properties, construction sites, medical sites, public events and more.

Mobile Patrol Security Officers Who Go Above And Beyond

Our mobile patrol security teams receive training that is above and beyond statewide and local licensing requirements. On top of that, mobile patrol officers receive specific training on issues they may face in the field, including incidents and emergencies. We believe this training gives our officers the skills and confidence to perform at their best when it matters most.

At your site’s scheduled mobile patrol, our elite officers will check for the following:

Healthcare Security Services

Our vehicles are always well positioned and connected to our control centers for rapid deployment in the event of an emergency.

Alarm Response

Investing in a security system with mobile patrol units will ensure triggered alarms are valid and responded to effectively. This means you do not have to worry about responding to alarms yourself.

Residence Vacation Watch

Knowing your property is secure when you are away on holiday is priceless. That is why we offer neighborhood patrols and provide routine check ups on your residence. If there is ever an issue or a triggered alarm, we respond both quickly and effectively to ensure your most valuable assets are secure.

Perimeter Patrols

Preventing a security incident is always better than having to manage one. By doing both pre-planned and random visits to your site and its surrounding areas, we can protect against vandalism and deter other security-related crimes.

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Our security officers are supported through industry-leading training and an outstanding supervisory structure. We believe the success of our officers results in success for your facility, and nothing is more important than that.

People Say

Very experienced staff - diplomatic in their dealings with strangers who were trying to access the complex. Friendly, attentive to details. Tenants and owners were very pleased with their service.
Connie L
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